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A new website for Career Designs

The new website for Career Designs is launched

6th St. Design Associates

6th St MacBook Pro

New website and branding for 6th St Design Associates


Choking Hazards

choking hazards

This image documents the range of objects that have been removed from the mouth of my Whippet puppy over the course of 6 weeks. Click the image to see the full size version.

Lake Taupo


This image was taken using an iPhone at Lake Taupo in New Zealand‎ and was selected by VSCO  to be shown on their Instagram!

Holley + Mark

wedding photography wedding photography wedding photography wedding photography _MG_2859 wedding photography wedding photography wedding photography wedding photography wedding photography wedding photography wedding photography wedding photography

Another wedding, however this time I was asked to be the official photographer for the day. The wedding was held in a woodshed providing the perfect backdrop for the day. All of the images where taken with a Canon 16-35mm lens.

Victoria + Mark

wedding photowedding photowedding photo

I had the opportunity to take images at another friends weddings, this time at the Albert Park Yachting & Angling Club. Here’s my favourite three images from the day. These images have been post-processed in Lightroom using VSCO Film.

Good Design Is Good For Business

bass tuition

Bass Tuition, who give bass guitar lessons, were looking to improve the design of their business cards and flyers. Sassen Design worked with Bass Tuition to help redesign the artwork to give it more impact. The end result being a very happy client who now feel confident when handing out their flyers and business cards.

Aphra + Mark

wedding photos
In December I had the honour of being the best man for a friends wedding, the wedding was held in a Flour Mill built in the late 1800’s. This was the perfect backdrop for the wedding and to take lots of the photos, here’s a few of my picks that I took using my trusty Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens. 

Clean, simple and responsive

financial management services website

Financial Management Services required a clean, simple and responsive website to ensure that they have a professional presence online and to showcase their range of services.

We’ve been published… again!

transit book

Its always nice to be recognised, especially in a nice glossy book. The Transit Spring Carnival promotion created for Transit Cocktail Lounge for has been featured in the design book Versatile Vol.1 Graphic Design. You can grab your copy from the publisher.

A Home Brand Christmas

home brand christmas c

Sassen Design has created a range of supermarket home brand Christmas cards after being inspired by their highly functional and utilitarian layout. Happy Christmas from Sassen Design and enjoy the savings.

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Flour power

flour power

flour power

flour power

flour power

Take one bag of self-raising flour, a camera, tripod and one willing participant dressed in black into the backyard and this is the result.

Your Invited…

nye invitation design 40th birthday invitation hens invitation design

At Sassen Design we are often asked to help design invitations for friends and family celebrating everything from birthdays and engagements to beer labels. Here’s a collection of some of our favorites.

Transit Spring Carnival logotypes

transit spring carnival logos

Logos generally fall into one of three categories

  1. Iconic/Symbolic
  2. Logotype/Wordmark
  3. Combination Marks
 A logotype/wordmark is my one of favorite type of logos to create. I’ve been been working with Transit Cocktail Lounge to create their Spring Racing Carnival marketing material, which also involves creating a new logotype, which is then used across posters, flyers and drink cards etc. I though it would be nice to look back at the logotypes created over the past four years.

Wedding Invitation Design

When it came time to design my wedding invitations I knew just the right person for the job. A series of five cards were created in addition to the main wedding invitation. The fonts used are NeutrafaceCyclone and Eloquent Swash for the ampersand. The paper stock used was Knight Linen White Embossed 280gsm.

wedding invitation design

We’ve Been Published!

logo book

The logo designed by Sassen Design for Tsuami Records is featured in the book Logo by Michael Evamy.

Logo showcases the greatest logos in use today. Whether it is the product of a flash of inspiration or a flood of research, the logo remains one of the most powerful resources available to organizations for winning the attention of a global, time-poor audience.

Urban Roots

larundel-mental-asylum-hall california-hotel-hawthorn-car-park urban decay

Sassen Design has been asked by TreeMedia to use some of our urban decay photography for their independent documentary, Urban Roots, about the positive urban farming movement in Detroit. We were only to happy to say yes and these are some of the images they have chosen that will be used in the film.

End of Financial Year poster

end of financial year poster

Loosen your tie, let down your hair and end your financial year in Transit. Sassen Design created this large format poster for Transits end of financial year celebration event.

Human Library

human book

Sassen Design asked by the Balwyn Library if I would be interested in taking part in their Human Library project. The Human Library is a program where members of the public are able to borrow a living person for a conversation rather than borrowing a book. I was asked a range of questions about graphic design from students to Careers Counsellors. I enjoyed the experience of being able to share my knowledge of design and afterwards I was given this mini book shown above.

Happy Christmas Card

christmas card design


This years Christmas card design, simply tick the relevant box/s for your recipient to receive their personalised card.

Urban Decay Wallpapers

graffiti urban decayhosier lane graffitirooftop bar melbourneabandoned car parkgeelong cement workslarundel mental asylum

Download a Sassen Design urban decay desktop wallpaper. Clicking one of the images will open the desktop wallpaper in a new window.

Archie Ale Beer Label

archie ale beer label

Custom beer label design created to celebrate the birth of a friends baby. The typfaces used are Letterpress and Secret Service Typewriter from YouWorkForThem.

We’ve been published!

nice to meet you too book

The Sassen Design business cards have been featured in the book Nice To Meet You Too, which showcases business cards from around the world, you can grab a copy here

New business cards

sassen design business cards


sassen design business cards

Perforated for pleasure and convenience. Sassen Design is excited to take delivery of our new business cards. The typographic inspiration for these cards came from vintage signage and courier bags made from recycled truck tarpaulins.

Each card is a standard size business card when separated and are printed on Expression Super Smooth 352gsm.