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Invitation design

Kirsten wanted something special for her 40th birthday invitation design along with a few requirements. It had to be printed on a 100% recycled stock, use Australian wildflowers and needed to be A5 in size.

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360 degree photos with Google Street View

Google released the iPhone app Street View, allowing anyone with iPhone to create and upload 360 images to Google maps. 

I've been having fun experimenting with the app seeing how it works. These are my first test runs using Google Street View. 

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Home Brand Christmas cards

Sassen Design has created a range of supermarket home brand Christmas cards after being inspired by their highly functional and utilitarian layout. Happy Christmas from Sassen Design and enjoy the savings!

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Holley + Mark

Wedding invitation design and photography for Holley and Marks wedding held at Remel. Remel was once a tobacco shed where the dried tobacco was piled to the ceiling in bales ready for sale.

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